A tribute to the screenwriter

Ricky Lee

Ricky Lee, who has written memorable bodies of work that made it to notable movies like Himala, Jaguar, Salome, Moral, Karnal – films that introduced new subjectivities that tackled taboos and modern moralities in Philippine cinema – will be honored by the University of the Philippines (UP) College of Mass Communication (CMC) on August 26 at the UP Film Center.

The award-winning writer has been instrumental in mentoring, sharing his craft, and honing the skills of the next generation of playwrights through his scriptwriting workshops and books. He has significantly contributed to Philippine literature and popular culture through his filmography and fiction. He has also put forward a distinct voice of the scriptwriter in the collaborative process of filmmaking and has uplifted the role and the integrity of the scriptwriting profession that is rarely placed in the spotlight.

Ricky LeeThis awarding of the 11th UP Gawad Plaridel is in line with the College’s celebration of its 50th year. Established by the UP CMC, the annual award-giving body recognizes Filipino media practitioners who have excelled in any of the media (print, radio, film, and television) and have performed with the highest level of professional integrity in the interest of public service. The UP Gawad Plaridel’s roster of honorees include Eugenia Duran-Apostol (2004, print), Vilma Santos (2005, film), Fidela “Tiya Dely” Magpayo (2006, radio), Cecilia “Cheche” L. Lazaro (2007, television), Pachico A. Seares (2008, community print), Kidlat Tahimik (2009, independent film), Eloisa “Lola Sela” Canlas (2011, radio), Florence “Rosa Rosal” Danon-Gayda (2012, television), Jose “Pete” Lacaba (2013, print), and Nora “Nora Aunor” Villamayor (2014, transmedia).

The award is named after Marcelo H. del Pilar (nom de plume, Plaridel), the selfless propagandist whose stewardship of the reformist newspaper La Solidaridad helped crystallize nationalist sentiments and ignite libertarian ideas in the 1890s. Like Plaridel, the recipient of the award must believe in the vision of a Philippine society that is egalitarian, participative and progressive, and in media that is socially responsible, critical and vigilant, liberative and transformative, and free and independent.