Magtanggol goes to UP

MAGTANGGOL4Magtanggol, a political whodunit film directed by Sigfreid Barros-Sanchez based on a story by producer and investment banker Juanchito “Jojo” Dispo, will have a special screening on July 9, Saturday, 4 p.m. at the UP Film Center.

The film revolves around a fictional political clan rocked by a scandal as one scion – a senator who is a strong advocate for protecting the rights of overseas Filipino workers – was tagged as a principal suspect in a spate of killings of abusive OFW employers.

MAGTANGGOL1Tom Rodriguez, who plays Senator Juancho Magtanggol, considers his first venture in the political thriller genre an eye-opener. “I didn’t realize the gravity of violence committed against our kababayans who only want to improve the plight of their respective families. Leaving your family behind to work overseas is already painful.”

Magtanggol dares to ask the question “Sino ang bayani ng mga bagong bayani?” Sanchez (Ang Mga Kidnaper Ni Ronnie Lazaro, Ang Anak Ni Brocka, and Lasponggols) co-wrote the screenplay with fellow Bahay Konseptos members Henrie Famorcan Enaje and Henry Dela Cruz, Jr. while Topel Lee served as director of photography.

MAGTANGGOL9.JPGAside from Rodriguez, the film also stars Joonee Gamboa, Dina BonnevieEjay FalconDenise Laurel, Albie Casiño, Yam Concepcion, Kim Domingo, William Martinez, Ricky Davao, Epy Quizon, Giselle Sanchez, Lui Manansala, Cholo Barretto, Chanel Latorre, Myrtle Sarrosa, Buboy Villar, Raul Morit, Sunshine Teodoro, Basti Santos, and others.

Dispo reveals he is donating part of the proceeds to the OFW fund. “I’ve traveled to a lot of places with high concentration of OFWs. I’ve talked to many ambassadors around the world about them, have had first hand exposure with many OFWs. I’ve heard their stories. I want to help.”

MAGTANGGOL7Sanchez believes the film is very relevant to the present times and he encourages Filipinos to watch it “because everyone has an OFW relative somewhere around the world somehow. This is the story of the Filipino worker. This is the story of the Filipino family. This is your story.”

Magtanggol, the first offering of Felix and Bert Productions, is graded B by the Cinema Evaluation Board. It will be shown in other countries through special screenings and international film festivals.

Magtanggol sa UP